About Us

What started as a family tradition became the life of our family. It is not only a past-time or a hobby for us, but it is the source of our income, and also our pride as more and more members of the family are focusing on growing the treasured local farm that our grand parents started and passed to us.

Who We Are

Me and my husband, together with my kids and my siblings are running our local farm that we inherited from our parents. We promised them that we will continue the family legacy that they started. And true enough, we are growing our farm each day and we are inspiring others to do the same.

We are not just enthusiasts of gardening, but we are also educating other people on the importance of supporting local farmers and at the same time, eating healthy vegetables. We are very proud to say that our produce is 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides.

What We Do

The core of our local farm is supplying local businesses and families with the produce that we get from our farm. We ensure that the supply will not run out, so we can also sell some to those locals and visitors who want to have a taste of organic vegetables directly picked from our garden.

We are also educating those who want to start in this path. We are providing them with the right knowledge and tools so they can work on their own farms and start growing their own vegetables in their backyards.