Related Services

Aside from our usual services, we also have some services that we offer that are not directly concerned with our local farms. Be sure to check them out in case you might need some of these services from us:

Farm Tour

Sometimes, we open our farms to those who wish to see what we have to offer. They can go inside our humble farm and check the current vegetables that we grow. For some, we even allow them to personally pick the vegetables that they like for a fee. This is also a way for us to introduce our processes to them in case that they are interested to get us as their supplier or their partner. It is also our way to show that everything that we use in our farm is safe and organic.

Salad Package

In some months, we are also offering salad packages to locals that we deliver everyday. These vegetables that we use are from our own garden ensuring that they are fresh and delicious. Together with our culinary superstar, we came up with our own dressing that will definitely knock your socks off. If you want to try it out, make sure that you are registered in our site so you will receive the menu in your email and immediately place your orders should you be interested.

Monthly Seeds

For those who like to grow their own gardens, we also supply monthly seeds to ensure that you will stay committed to your goals. The seeds will vary depending on the season to ensure that you will have a great experience growing your vegetables. At the same time, you will also get exclusive tips on how to grow them best based on our experiences and from others like you as well. Just give it a try and make your dream garden a reality.