Below are some of the services that our local farms offer to our customers and clients, be it visitors or locals:

Fresh Produce

If you are a restaurant owner or just a family person who wants the freshest produce, then do not hesitate to place your order. Our patrons always have a list of available produce that we are selling from time to time. For bulk orders, we suggest that you place your orders ahead of time so we will have enough time to ensure that we have enough supply for your needs. For personal use, you can always check our local stores where we put our fresh produce that we picked for that day.

Seeds and Organic Fertilizers

If you are looking into exploring the idea of building your own garden, then we have the supplies to make it happen. We have an assortment of seeds and other fertilizers that can make you closer to your goals. If you do not know how to start, our competent staff can always teach you and give you some tips so you can start building your own farm at your backyard. We have available seeds and fertilizers depending on your requirement so it is best to have a conversation with us prior to starting your own garden so we can guide you.

Organic Farm Markets

We are also a perennial seller in different organic farm markets where you can buy our latest produce. We do this so we can introduce our available vegetables to the locals and other people who might be interested with our products. Aside from that, we are also selling some seeds and other equipment for local farmers so they can start their own. For the schedule of our weekend markets, you can check on our events page or drop us a quick note using the contact us button. Or better yet, register on our site today!