Steps on Starting Your Own Garden


While many people consider it as a fad, it is actually not. Starting your own garden is not only about growing vegetables and other plants for your own consumption. For some, it is actually a very spiritual activity because you get to take care of another living organism and at the same time, benefit from it.

Our story might be different from yours. For us, it started with our grandparents passed down to us. It became a family activity that we committed into and we will make sure that it will be passed down to the next generation after us. But for those who are just starting, the following are some steps you can follow.

Make Sure You Have Available Space

This is perfect if you have an area in your backyard where you can grow your own vegetables. It does not have to be huge. You just need to make sure that you have a space where your vegetables can freely grow. There are those who are actually growing vegetables in limited space by using all their spaces available like their walls and ceilings. There are many ways in which you can maximize your space for your plants.

Study the Right Vegetable to Grow in Your Area

soilThe fact is, not every vegetable will be suited in your area. There are those that need cold weather to grow. And there are those that can’t stand the cold. So it’s better to know the perfect vegetables to grow in your place. But if you want to start small, you can actually build a small herb garden even inside your house. They normally grow in different temperature so you won’t have to deal with the inconsistencies.

If You Don’t Have Tools, Improvise Ones

Gardening might require some tools for you to be able to grow your vegetables. You can mostly buy them at your local stores. But if you don’t have one, you can always improvise and use whatever things that are available in your place. For example, you can use plastic bottles as replacement for your pots or watering pitcher. Also, you can use your kitchen scissors to trim down your vegetables whenever you need to.

Gardening might require some effort but everything will be worth it once you start gaining the results.