Vegetables to Plant on Your Small Garden

herbsWe have received several questions regarding on the type of vegetables that you can plant in your small garden. There are many those that are hesitant to do it because they don’t know if their space will be enough to accommodate those vegetables that they want to grow.

However, if you have the right knowledge on what to plant, and the heart to commit to this endeavor, there should be nothing that can stop you. In fact, we already have a lot of customers who are enjoying the benefits of having their own garden because it is not only a source of their vegetables, but also their relaxation.

So if you have no idea what to plant on your small garden, the following are some of our suggestions so you can get started on your very own vegetable garden.

Try to Start with an Herb Garden

Yes, it is possible to have your own herb garden without taking up much space. Most herbs that you usually use in the kitchen do not grow big. They’re small plants that you can plant on small pots and put them on a wall. In fact, a single wall can have as many as 20 small pots of herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary, and basil. These small plants can already give you the necessary herbs that you need for your cooking.


If You Have a Small Space, Try Vines

There are vegetables that will follow the structure that you make when they grow. These vegetables, or we call them vines, can grow in small space provided that you create an upward structure that they can follow. These vegetables like bitter gourd, and eggplant are perfect for this type of situation. Their fruits will be hanging so you can easily get them and at the same time, it is easy to trim them because of the structure that you set.

companion plant

You Can Plant Some Beside Your Flowers

Some spices like ginger, onion, and chilies can grow beside your flowers in a pot. Therefore, you can grow them beside your flowers if you have any, or just put a pot somewhere in your house like in the entrance, or even inside at the living room.