What Is It Like to Be a Farmer?

Some people might think it’s just a fad, or not really a viable career option, but being a farmer is not really about the monetary gains that you will have, not just about the professional opportunities and growth that you will get, but also about the growth that you will have personally.

Being a farmer will teach you a lot of lessons in life that you won’t get in other professional career path. You will have an opportunity to get to know yourself more, the people around you, and be sure of what really matters to you currently, and for the future.


Farming Will Teach You Patience

 The thing with farming is, you don’t get results fast. Everyday, you will only have little progress but you have to keep going or else, all of your efforts will be put into waste. You need to keep on doing what you have to do in the hopes that it will result to your desired output.

Farming Will Teach You Hard Work

farmWhen you are a farmer, there is no short cuts, you will really have to work hard in order to achieve your goal. Sometimes, it means extended hours. Sometimes, it means that you will have to be under the sun for extended hours. All of those will be worth it when you get the crops at the end.

Farming Will Keep You Humble

Spending your days at the farm, you will be devoid of the status hat most people fight for outside. You will be dirty and you will realize that it doesn’t matter. Status doesn’t matter. So long as you have food to eat, and a shelter to live in, then you can live a decent life.

Farming Will Give You a Sense of Accomplishment

The best thing about farming is, you will have actual produce that people will eat. You can feed not only your family with the crops that you produce, but also your community as well. There is a great deal of satisfaction that will flood your heart when you get to the end goal of your farming activity. And through that, you will know by yourself that everything you worked hard for is worth it.